• ‘Use of sewage for vegetable cultivation dangerous’

    ISLAMABAD: The use of sewage in the cultivation of vegetables is causing a number of diseases, including hepatitis and cancer.

    Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Scientists Association President Dr Mohammad Altaf Sher told Dawn that the use of sewage is hazardous to human health.

    “Sewage is not only hazardous in itself, but the use of acids in […]

  • Loki (Round or Long Gourd)


    Loki – 500 g
    Virgin mustard or olive oil or desi ghee – 4 dessert spoons
    Zeera – 1/4 tsp
    Whole red chillies – to taste
    Kolonji – to taste
    Salt – to taste


    Peel vegetable (500 g) and chop into medium discs, not too thick or too thin.
    Warm 4 dessert spoons of […]