We recently started raising boilers using organic methods, starting with one-day old chicks. Feed consists of natural or organic grains purchased from verifiable producers and organic greens, herbs and vegetables from the farm. Better than 80% of the feed is organic and by mid-2016 we will be feeding the birds a 100 % organic diet.

The chickens graze in the open for at least eight to ten hours a day and generally return to their pens for the period from dusk to dawn. These pens are washed every day and the runoff from this cleaning is used to moisturize the compost heaps.

Inoculation is avoided and the chickens are provided medication only for the New Castle Disease. The rest of it is organic and natural medicines and materials for cure of their ailments.

As the birds are not force fed, their growth cycle goes beyond the conventional five and a half weeks achieved by factory farms to somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks in our case.

The slow natural process of growth along with mostly organic feed and grazing in open spaces makes the meat tasty and certainly a very healthy option to the conventionally raised factory farm produced boilers.